Morthos – Diary X

We’re back to our regularly scheduled programming this week. I imagine that probably won’t last too long given that Christmas is quickly creeping up on us though.

This week Morthos is on a boat! And probably will be for at least a few more sessions. It’s a long ride to Mirabar and there’s a lot happening on board. Keep reading to find out what happened. I know you want to.

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It’s Wednesday and you’re probably thinking “hey, it’s Wednesday and I didn’t get the chance to read about that super cool character, Morthos, yet this week!” Unfortunately, there’s no diary coming this week. Some of the party couldn’t make it so we decided it would be better to wait than to go on with only two or three players. This week’s D&D night has come and gone, however, so expect that next week. We’re heading up river and maybe doing some gambling on the way. We’ve hardly spent any time on the boat and things are already getting tangly.

I kind of want to try and keep in the habit of posting something every week so here’s a little “Looking for Group” thing I wrote up a while ago. It never saw the light of day and is probably pretty cheesy since it’s from the DM’s viewpoint, but whatever.

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Morthos – Diary VIII

This was our last session in the cult of the dragon temple (Sunless Citadel) and that means we got to fight the big bad, Beleck, and all of his cronies.

I think Morthos is pretty pleased with how this session turned out. Things could have been a lot stickier but the crazy old wizard stepped in and did what I, as a player, wasn’t really expecting.

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Morthos – Diary VII

This is looking like the last night of the Sunless Citadel. We’re at the end of the dungeon and our goal is in sight. The only thing standing in our way is the evil druid, Beleck. Well, him and few of his minions but they should be pretty easy to deal with. Then Morthos just needs to destroy the apple before anyone else can get their hands on it, which is easier said than done, especially since Floyd has his eyes on it.

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Morthos – Diary V

Morthos and friends made it to the Cult of the Dragon Temple (Sunless Citadel). That’s right, we’re in a dungeon and we’re messing up a bunch of skeletons, just like Morthos likes.

There’s another player joining tonight too. I’m curious as to how we find him in the depths of the temple, and how I’m going to enjoy Roll20 with so many people, but that’s a completely different post.

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Morthos – Diary III

We were missing a few people last week but decided to go ahead with our Monday night session. Our DM sent us on a bit of a side quest so no one missed anything important from the main story. We only suffered one casualty but other than that it was a fairly successful night.

It should probably be mentioned that we’re running through some(all?) of Tales from the Yawning Portal and I am itching to get into a dungeon. We’re still getting through the preamble of the adventure but hopefully we’ll be delving dungeons before the night’s over. At the very least, next session.

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Morthos – Diary II

During character creation for this campaign we were given the option to take a feat at first level. Feats are usually pretty handy to have and can give some interesting bonuses to your character. I took “Durable”. When I spend hit dice during a short rest the minimum I can roll is double my constitution modifier, which happens to be four. So I always roll an eight on my d8 hit dice. That’s pretty awesome you might be thinking, and well, it is pretty awesome. There’s just one little drawback: Morthos is now uneducated.

At the cost of awesome hit dice healing, Morthos can’t read or write. You’re probably asking yourself how Morthos can have a campaign diary if he can’t write. The answer to that is it’s not a diary per se. It’s him thinking about recent events every few nights and recording them to memory.

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