This blog is going to focus on a weekly game of 5e Dungeons and Dragons that I run for a group of guys in my hometown. We’re currently making our way through the Tyranny of Dragons campaign and this will keep you up to date with the players as they travel the Sword Coast and attempt to thwart the Cult of the Dragon’s plans.

Besides the campaign diary I’ll talk about the adventure itself, any problems that came up during the session, some of the prepping I do, which might include painting minis, cartography, or making terrain; basically anything I think might be useful for up and coming DMs or the average player.

You’re probably wondering who’s writing all of this. I’m Sean Lundrigan. Just your average geek from Newfoundland, Canada. I dabble in most things geek: TV, movies, books, board games, video games, roleplaying games, miniature war games, painting, sci-fi, and fantasy.