Morthos – Diary VIII

This was our last session in the cult of the dragon temple (Sunless Citadel) and that means we got to fight the big bad, Beleck, and all of his cronies.

I think Morthos is pretty pleased with how this session turned out. Things could have been a lot stickier but the crazy old wizard stepped in and did what I, as a player, wasn’t really expecting.


Beleck stood there in front of the tree, the single apple hanging delicately from a branch above him. At his side were two more trees, or so I thought until they began to take a few steps toward us. The light was dim and I could barely make out their faces but I was certain that it was Sharwin and Sir Brafford. They were twisted by some foul spell that turned their flesh to bark. As I glanced around the room I noticed a group of twig blights rise from the floor to aid their master, and then several more behind us. We were surrounded.

Floyd attempted to make a deal with Beleck for the apple but, fortunately, Beleck was too stubborn to listen. It would have been a much more difficult task to destroy the apple while in the possession of Floyd. He has many tricks and strange magic that I would be hard pressed to overcome.

The negotiations quickly broke down and Beleck began trying to hinder our movement with magic briars. And with that, the battle began.

Beleck stayed by his precious tree where the ground was unobstructed by briars and cast spells from a distance, preferring to let his minions get their hands dirty. The twig blights quickly surrounded the few of us toward the back, taking our attention away from Beleck. The dark dungeon air was filled with the spray of blood and chips of wood and bark as we hacked at each other. Spells lit up the room for split seconds as they ricocheted into the stone or found their mark.

After hacking a twig blight to splinters I glanced over my shoulder to see Floyd let loose a surge of dark magic toward Sharwin as she raised her wand at him. The light blinded me momentarily as I heard three loud thuds cut through the noise. I opened my eyes, dodged an attack from a twig blight, and saw Sharwin standing there, looking blankly down at the body of Floyd slumped on the floor.

Despite the fact that there were two twig blights attacking me I needed to revive Floyd. Without him, our odds of making it out alive shrank. As I tore from the blights I heard a blast behind me and a warm light bathed the room as Jace rounded the corner and burned some blights to the ground. His appearance distracted the two engaged with me enough to allow me to revive Floyd.

The battle went on for some time and was hard won. Floyd, Sonya, Aedan, and Kaladin all fell during its course, but luckily for them, Kelemvor deemed it not yet their time and they survived to fight another day.

As the dust of battle was settling, Jace ran toward the tree and grabbed the apple. A few of us noticed this and tried to convince him to carry out our wishes with it: destroy it or keep it. He chose to burn the apple and the tree, Kelemvor bless him, but the tree appeared to not like his decision. It struck at him and knocked him unconscious.

All of a sudden I saw Sonya walk toward the tree and then step into its hollow center. As she did, it closed behind her, trapping her. I immediately struck at the tree, a sacred flame shooting down from the darkness to burst upon its decrepit bark. It spat her back out and then burst into dust. As the tree disappeared from existence, the bark fell from Sharwin and Sir Brafford. In the ground where the tree stood was the corpse of a vampire with a steak through its heart. I beheaded the creature to ensure that it never rise again and then we prepared to leave.


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