Morthos – Diary VII

This is looking like the last night of the Sunless Citadel. We’re at the end of the dungeon and our goal is in sight. The only thing standing in our way is the evil druid, Beleck. Well, him and few of his minions but they should be pretty easy to deal with. Then Morthos just needs to destroy the apple before anyone else can get their hands on it, which is easier said than done, especially since Floyd has his eyes on it.


The goblins lay in savaged heaps across the room, blood pooling here and there on the floor, and we decided this was as good a place as any to regain our strength. The room was locked to prevent any goblin incursions and we took turns keeping watch.

There was one goblin left alive after the battle. We persuaded him to give up any information that might prove useful in the remainder of this forsaken place. We were headed in the right direction because the grove where the apples were cultivated was below us and so was Beleck. He was the one the goblins worked for, if the rumours were to be believed, and the one to blame for the unholy apples.

After resting, we descended into the lower level of the temple. The floor had a layer of dirt all across it, like a garden with no plants. Wandering the room were two skeletons with watering cans. The cans were empty and they tried to water plants that did not exist. Despite the fact that the skeletons paid no mind to anything but their task, they had to be exterminated. Such is the fate of all undead that roam this world.

When preparing to leave this room our group did not communicate very well as half of us went toward one passage while the rest went through a different doorway. Kaladin, Floyd, and I headed north and fought with a bugbear and giant rats. Floyd must have used a strange spell on the bugbear or else they actually were acquaintances, which is quite unlikely, because the beast refused to attack him. Perhaps he has used such a spell on all of us to protect him.

Floyd had a bit of a fit once the room was cleared. He fell to the floor and went into a trance or something of the sort. When he awoke he was clutching a tome that was not there before. I have not questioned him about this because we have more pressing concerns but I imagine it is just part of his strange magic.

The three of us doubled back and headed after the others. They ended up killing some goblins and intimidating others into surrendering. Well, the remaining goblins locked themselves in a room. That is close enough, is it not? Two of the remaining goblins agreed to lead us to the tree, taking us through a handful of dirty rooms until we ended up at a locked door. There the goblins betrayed us and prepared their allies for battle.

We kicked in the door and rid the world of more foul goblins. With their corpses behind us, we headed deeper into the room. The walls turned from smooth worked stone to a natural cavern and briars slowed our passage in places. We traveled through the twisting tunnel until we could see our goal ahead of us, the tree; the apple. And before it was Beleck.

Nothing would prevent me from destroying the apple, not even Beleck.


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