Morthos – Diary VI

Another week, another campaign diary.

We’re heading deeper into the Sunless Citadel tonight. After last session, I really hope we don’t have any trouble finding our way through the darkness. Maybe I should have been drawing a map of the dungeon as we went or pulled a Theseus and used a ball of string so we can find our way out.


Rather than risk a goblin attack we backtracked into kobold territory to prepare for what is ahead of us. We rested up in the room where the kobolds kept their dragon pet and then set off once more.

Not wanting to leave any treasure behind, we turned down a hallway into a section of the temple that we bypassed earlier. Meleck, still in the form of a slime, squeezed underneath a door and into a hallway full of caltrops. By the time the rest of us entered the room, Meleck had cleared a safe path by sucking them into his form. At the end of the hallway were two goblins that tried to escape when they realised how outnumbered they were but were struck down too quickly.

We rounded a corner and stumbled upon another handful of goblins. In one of the side rooms we found a group of kobold prisoners and an old man in a cage. I immediately set to freeing the poor man while the others freed the kobolds. The only thing I can remember the old man telling us was that his name is Jace and he is a wizard. Perhaps my memory is unclear because of the commotion with the dragon. Yes, that must be it.

After exploring for a few more minutes and dealing with two or three more goblins, we came across the dragon that Meepo was looking for. It was still a wyrmling yet bigger than I had first imagined. Upon seeing the dragon, Meepo ran through the doorway and up to his lost pet. He did not receive the reunion he was expecting, I think. Unless kobolds greet one another by biting their arms off, things were not going well for our little guide. Kalcryx sunk his razor sharp teeth into the tiny arm of Meepo and flung the kobold across the room. When my gaze returned to the dragon I saw the little red arm sticking out between rows of teeth before it vanished down the dragons throat.

For a moment we all stood and stared at the bloody scene in shock. When we came to our senses, none of us could decide whether we should kill the dragon so we do not end up like Meepo, or whether we should befriend it in hopes of it aiding us and the reward we might receive. After a few failed attempts at killing the beast, Floyd fed the rest of Meepo to it and managed to calm it for a time.

With a full stomach, the dragon turned its attention to revenge. It burst through a doorway and ran down a long hallway with rows of columns on either side. Once we caught up to it, the dragon was in a room full of goblins and we saw ice shoot from its mouth, engulfing four of the goblins, freezing them in place. Then it roared and dove into another group of them. Feeding off the fury of Kalcryx, we entered the fray.

Kalcryx was slain during that battle but his aid will not be forgotten. With the room cleared of goblins we are now free to continue in search of the Hercule children and the apple that lies somewhere in the depths of the temple. I pray that I am the first to find it so its power does not corrupt the rest of my companions. The apple must be destroyed.


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