Morthos – Diary V

Morthos and friends made it to the Cult of the Dragon Temple (Sunless Citadel). That’s right, we’re in a dungeon and we’re messing up a bunch of skeletons, just like Morthos likes.

There’s another player joining tonight too. I’m curious as to how we find him in the depths of the temple, and how I’m going to enjoy Roll20 with so many people, but that’s a completely different post.


We left Oakhurst in search of the old cult temple. The road we traveled became more and more overgrown the farther we went from town. Decrepit farms dotted the landscape on either side of us and I could not help but think that the temple we sought would not be so abandoned.

After traveling for the majority of the day a ravine became visible at the end of the road. Broken pillars stuck up from the ravine here and there like the skeletal rib cage of a giant stone animal. As we got closer to the pillars we noticed a rope hanging down into a gaping hole in the ground. After convincing Meleck to not take the rope, we all climbed down into the sunken remains of the Cult of the Dragon temple.

The rope deposited us on a platform that had long staircases descending down farther into the ground. As we prepared for the trials to come, Meleck decided to drink a potion that he acquired since leaving Waterdeep. The potion did not have the effect he was hoping, I think. Instead of something readily useful, Meleck turned purple and changed into a pile of slime. Of all the things in Faerun to change into, it had to be a slime.

We headed down the stairs, slime in tow, and came to the entrance to the temple. We entered the first room and noticed some skeletons scattered on the floor of the side room. I, at once, knew that these were unholy abominations. In Kelemvor’s name we smote them from this existence. We continued deeper into the dungeon and heard a strange sobbing noise coming from behind a door.

There was a Kobold, who told us his name was Meepo, sitting in the next room crying over an empty cage. Apparently there were some goblins that stole the dragon he was supposed to be watching. We agreed to help him if he would guide us through the temple. He took us to meet his queen, Yusdrayl. She spoke of the apples, which have plagued my dreams at night, and mentioned that there are many red apples and a single white one. Perhaps there is something special about the white apple. Some sort of unholy power that is corrupting the others? It does not matter for Kelemvor has spoken and they must be all be destroyed.

After our brief meeting, Meepo began leading us toward our objective. After he took us past the edge of kobold territory we came to a room that seemed to have treasure in it. Floyd was foolish enough to be convinced to take the treasure, stirring the room’s skeletal inhabitants. Meleck cast a spell, destroying every skeleton in one fell swoop, and slightly hurting Floyd in the process. The treasure was not worth the hassle, but on the bright side, the skeletons are no more.

We entered a room with a large fountain and a few pit traps and found the body of an unsuccessful adventurer, Karakas. Perhaps he is the owner of some of the footprints that we have been following into the depths of this temple. I am hoping that our mission has a more fruitful end than that poor man’s.


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