Morthos – Diary IV

Unless there are some very unforeseen circumstances it’s looking like we’re going to be making it to the first dungeon tonight and I am super excited. Maybe Morthos will get the chance to wreck some undead. Who knows? Well, the DM, but I sure don’t.

We followed the Hermit Star throughout the night and into the next day. As morning arrived the clouds began to disappear and the sunlight shimmered in the puddles scattered across the ground. In the forest ahead of us was a strange little hut. The outside walls were covered in trinkets and oddities, and even stranger still was an old man fishing from his door. Perhaps a stream runs past his home and the rain waters flooded it causing a portion of the hut to be surrounded by water. Or perhaps it was just a large puddle and the hermit is crazy.

The man told us he is called Hermon but tends to just be called Hermit. He invited us to talk inside his home, which by some spell is bigger on the inside. He told us that the man responsible for turning Brewich to stone was once his apprentice. He also said that we must go to an old Dragon Cult temple near Oakhurst, and that Milos Hopestep has lived an unnaturally long life and is not to be trifled with.  Hopestep is known to Floyd and stole his cart or some such nonsense. What is important is that he no longer continues to cheat death. Death is not something to be avoided, but a path that everyone must take. I will ensure that he walks that path, one way or another.

As we took our leave of the hermit he directed us to head north until we reach the Trade Way, and then continue on to Oakhurst. On the road we happened upon a farm that was manned by halflings. The owner, Merric Longleaf, trades in many things but mostly wool. Kaladin was not impressed with the conditions, assuming the workers were some sort of slaves, so he tried to convince them to join the local militia. One of them took his advice but Floyd quickly turned the situation around and basically sold the man back to Merric. Always one to make a quick gold, that Floyd.

Before making it to Oakhurst the wagon was attacked by a group of goblins. We dealt with them so quickly that they hardly kept us from sleep, and will not dwell on my thoughts more than this.

Once reaching the town we headed to the Old Boar Inn, where we met the barkeep Gherin, and then paid for drinks and rooms. Some of us decided to have a few mugs of ale in celebration of making it to Oakhurst. Meleck and I took our chances with the infamous black ichor that taverns in this region seem to always have in stock. I believe Meleck drinks improperly because the drink affected me normally while he fell from his chair into an unconscious heap on the floor. Again. Perhaps I should have a talk with him, tiefling to tiefling, about cutting down on his drink unless he wishes to meet Kelemvor.

In the morning we set about our preparations for the task ahead of us. At one point during the morning, Lady Hercule found us and inquired as to whether we were the group sent by Omin Dran or not. She went over the details briefly and then went on her way. I hope nothing has come of her children and we can restore her family.

Ahead of us lies two kidnapped children, a once abandoned Cult of the Dragon temple, and some sort of abomination capable of turning entire towns to stone. As much as I worship Kelemvor I do not think I am quite ready to meet him in person and the further we go from Waterdeep, the more likely that is of happening.


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