Morthos – Diary III

We were missing a few people last week but decided to go ahead with our Monday night session. Our DM sent us on a bit of a side quest so no one missed anything important from the main story. We only suffered one casualty but other than that it was a fairly successful night.

It should probably be mentioned that we’re running through some(all?) of Tales from the Yawning Portal and I am itching to get into a dungeon. We’re still getting through the preamble of the adventure but hopefully we’ll be delving dungeons before the night’s over. At the very least, next session.

The rain began to fall rather hard when we decided to leave Brewich behind in search of the bandits’ hideout. Harder than I have seen for some time. It was not, however, hard enough to cleanse the town of its petrified state. We must find some way to cure these poor wretches and stop it from happening to others. They are not ready for Kelemvor and must walk this earth a little longer.

Our bandit friend led us along a trail to a river where the bridge was washed away. In its place was a rope that spanned the river and a raft. Rather than leave the cart unattended, Floyd, Aedan, and Sonya stayed behind while Kaladin, Meleck, and I went forward. The rain was still falling heavily and the river’s current was becoming slightly more treacherous. We crossed the river unhindered until Meleck set foot on the raft. I never thought I would see the day but the water swallowed him whole. Luckily, Kaladin does not burden himself with heavy armour and was able to pull Meleck from the water.

Farther down the road we found our objective. We tied our bandit friend, Reggie, to a tree so he could not double cross us in a fight. If you could trust bandits, they would not be bandits, would they? We found three rafts tied up in the river nearby and cut one loose so the scoundrels could not all get away. Once we finished our preparations, we attacked.

The cave was guarded by two men, who Kaladin made short work of. I do not think I will ever forget the sickening sound his arrow made as it pierced one bandit’s skull. Inside were two men who were forced to care for the horses the bandits had stolen. We found more bandits in a room at the end of a long hallway and, with some difficulty, managed to rid this world of them. We lost our newest companion, Rufus, during the melee. I could not reach the poor beast in time to save him. He died how he lived: a good boy.

Once we were certain that there were no more bandits we began to search the rest of the cave. We found a group of prisoners who had been locked in a small room and freed them. As we did so, we noticed that water was beginning to flow into the cave. The rains had continued to pour and were growing worse over time. Despite the threat of the water we continued searching for any loot that the bandits may have had hidden. Kaladin found a secret door that opened to a room that held some weapons, armour, trade goods, money, and more. We dragged as much as we could to the entrance and then set our minds on getting back to the others.

We settled on dividing ourselves, the loot, and the prisoners among the remaining rafts since the bandits would not be needing them anymore. The journey downriver with so much weight was a difficult one, and almost resulted in losing more than a barrel or two of wine, but we survived.

Once we all returned to somewhat dry land, the people we rescued returned to their homes, or what is left of them and we headed back to our cart. Before we parted ways, Deryk Longlad told us that he did not have anything to repay us with but we should find the hermit who lives in Kryptgarden. He helps those who help others. To get to him we must follow the Hermit Star.

I have not known of stars to lead places other than north but perhaps he tells the truth. After rescuing him from that cave what reason would the man have to lie? Hopefully this hermit is not too far out of our way because we have very pressing matters to attend to.


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