Morthos – Diary I

Once an outcast and a gravedigger, it is now Morthos’ fate to serve the whim of the gods; and one in particular. Since receiving Kelemvor’s gift, he has traveled the countryside doing the god’s work. His main tasks were ferreting out and destroying the undead, giving the proper interment rituals for any poor souls in his path, and restoring gravesites to their proper condition. Something in him, some feeling, an instinct maybe, or a divine hand gently guiding him, led Morthos to the Sword Coast and the Yawning Portal.I have never seen such disrespect for the dead until I came to this land. The people of the Sword Coast seem to always be fighting. They leave death in their wake and tend to none of them. It is lucky for the dead that I am in this place. They might now make it to Kelemvor’s side.

Waterdeep has been a particularly difficult city. The local graveyard has fallen into disrepair. Waterdhavians call it The City of the Dead, and with good reason. It is bigger than any graveyard that I have ever seen and it threatens to be an army larger than many can dream of. I have been here for weeks and my efforts seem to have barely scratched the surface.

One silver lining to all of this is that Kelemvor has blessed me with another vision:

I was standing in a wide field dotted with trees and headstones. After a moment of realisation, I noticed that it was the cemetery at the Monastery of Kelemvor in Ormpetarr. I worked there for years and performed the rituals for many of the dead there.

Suddenly, a hooded man appeared next to me. I looked into his cloak and felt a shiver creep down my spine and into my limbs. All I could see was darkness where a face should have been. The figure reached out and grabbed my shoulder as I sat up in bed, gasping for air in a cold sweat.

A memory crept to the forefront of my mind while I lay in bed. But it was not a memory. I had never experienced these things before. There was a ruby red apple, supple and firm. There was a castle swallowed by the earth. There were goblins emerging from the depths, one of them holding the apple. Despite its pristine condition, I got the sense that the apple was beyond ripe. An unnatural force gave it the appearance of life.

Then the memory went black.

Not only have I been granted a vision, but also a new task. It is clear to me that the apple must be sought out and destroyed by some means. It is Kelemvor’s will and I shall see it done.

A few days ago I began my preparations to go in search of the apple when a letter was slid under my door. I picked it off the floor, broke the wax seal, and read it. A dwarf named Omin Dran wanted me to attend a meeting at The Yawning Portal in Waterdeep in a tenday. I laid the invitation on a table and got back to my work, contemplating what this meeting might hold.

The day of the meeting came and I decided to keep myself busy by venturing into The City of the Dead again. I found a rather large group of displeased inhabitants shambling between the crypts that took more effort than I would like to admit. Enough that it made me late for the meeting; but let us not speak of that.

I arrived at The Yawning Portal and found the tavern to be nearly full. I made my way to the bar and had a drink while I waited for Omin. It turns out that I sat next to one of my soon to be companions, Floyd. I’m still not sure why he was chosen for the mission. He looks rather unremarkable, and always hungry. He is a very slight man, and I believe a gust of wind would break him off. Perhaps he is here for his coin since he seems to have so much of it.

A man in heavy armour escorted a very large, very drunk tiefling to one of the bathrooms and when he made his way back across the tavern he approached me and Floyd and escorted us to a room at the back. Omin was there with a muscly, half-naked man and woman, Aedan and Sonya. They were both draped in furs and seemed to think they were royalty. Perhaps they are. I am not well versed in the cultures of such savage peoples.

Omin told us that Lady Kerwin Hercule needs help finding two members of her family, Sharwyn and Talgen. We were also tasked with finding the family’s signet rings but we must go to Voss Cart and Wagon Works before we set off. A horse and wagon are waiting for us when we leave.

We concluded the meeting and went about our business for the rest of the night. Part of this included an angry half-orc jumping us and being thrown down the gaping hole in the centre of the tavern, Floyd travelling down the hole voluntarily like a madman, and I inquired about any mention of the apple. A goblin told me off such tales taking place in Oakhurst, which is where we must go to find the Hercules. Two birds with one stone, or so they say.

The next morning we gathered and set off. Myself, Floyd, Aedan, Sonya, and surprisingly, the fat one named Meleck. Floyd is so small that I am beginning to worry that Meleck might eat him if a hunger strikes him. He looks capable of such things. We procured the wagon from a dwarf name Norbet, after Floyd haggled him near to death.

A group of gnolls attacked us on the road, getting the better of those two royal savages. Fortunately we made swift work of them and continued on to Brewich and spent the night.


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