The Chosen Cleric

Last Thursday we decided not to play D&D since a few of the guys wouldn’t be able to make it. I usually run a character if someone can’t play, despite the fact that it slows down combat a bit since I have so much to deal with as it is. I’d leave it up to the players but most of them are new and are still getting a hang of their own abilities, let alone someone else’s.

Instead of all that hassle, the few of us that were left decided to play a few board games, which was our standard Thursday night go-to before our campaign started. I got Codenames for Christmas and have been dying to try it so we played a few games, and then we finished the night off with a game of Lords of Waterdeep. It was a pretty fun night but it’ll be nice to dive back into Hoard of the Dragon Queen after a two-week hiatus.

Now, onto the task at hand. I mentioned in my last post that I was going to write my campaign diary for you to read, and I will, but first I think introductions are in order. It would be a good idea for you to get to know the characters who are traipsing around the Sword Coast trying to stamp out the Cult of the Dragon and save the day.

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