Morthos – XVIII

Someone really needs to sit me down at my computer and force me to write these.

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Morthos – XVII

We’ve got another session tonight and Meleck is able to make it. Since he got a new job Monday’s have been hit or miss for him (mostly miss). Luckily, we just keep his character in a bottle because he’s able to turn into a slime after drinking a random potion he found a while back. Any time he can make it we just uncork the bottle for him so he can get out and stretch his ooze.

In other news I’m DMing my Thursday game again. It’s been over half a year since we played and I’m still trying to get back into the swing of things but it shouldn’t take too long.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: Morthos and gang go deeper into the Forge of Fury to find more Durgeddin arms.

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Morthos – XV

WordPress has informed me that I made this blog one year ago. Normally that’s a call for celebration but when I realise how few posts I have on here I see how slack I’ve actually been. During one of the times I stopped writing for a while I actually forgot what my password was. I had way too hard of a time getting my password reset and will probably be good motivation to keep this up.

The party has a name!583ba921f7613878ce8cdc1dce28865d561eadde55e7221ddbf0c11850ba90d2.jpg

You’ll have to read the rest to find out what it is. Or skip to the end like some kind of animal.
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Morthos – XIV

The longer I put these campaign diaries off the more I realise that my note taking could be a little more in-depth. Am I going to change? Probably not. Will I continue to scour my brain for every random detail that I didn’t think was important during the session? Most definitely. Will I remember it all? Not a chance.

So keep reading for my best approximation of what I think happened during this session in the beginning of January.


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Morthos – Diary XIII

This post is about as long as it is overdue. Some people still have their Christmas trees up, right? Either way, this is the Christmas session we had back in December, in which we might have ruined every Christmas from here on out in the Sword Coast.

So break out your hot chocolate, a warm blanket, whittle those candy canes down to a point and get ready to stab Christmas in the face.

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Morthos – Diary XII-B

Morthos and the gang finally make it off the Cherub. There were a few small bumps in the road but I think Morthos is going to be glad to get his feet back on dry land.

This entry actually took place at the end of the last session (Diary XII). Getting the chalice felt like a good place to stop the last one so I decided that I’d give the escape an entry of its own.

The escape from the Cherub actually happened fairly quickly if I’m remembering it correctly. Maybe in twenty minutes? Thirty minutes? Don’t quote me on that. So quick, anyway, that it probably should have only been a paragraph or so at the end of the last entry. I really wasn’t expecting to write this much for it but here we are.

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Morthos – Diary XII

We’ve got D&D again tonight which means I should probably write a few more of these this week. I’ve still got three more to write, not including tonight’s session, and the more I let it pile up, the more I’m not going to want to do it. If only the internet wasn’t so tempting, I might actually get something done.

So, without further adieu, here’s entry number twelve in Morthos’ diary.

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Morthos – Diary X

We’re back to our regularly scheduled programming this week. I imagine that probably won’t last too long given that Christmas is quickly creeping up on us though.

This week Morthos is on a boat! And probably will be for at least a few more sessions. It’s a long ride to Mirabar and there’s a lot happening on board. Keep reading to find out what happened. I know you want to.

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